Frozen Backflow – Pipes
Due to the low temperatures your back flow and irrigation pipes may have froze and burst. Please call us to shut down system and stop the leak and repair the back flow. We are a full service irrigation repair company that specializes in residential and commercial sprinkler repair.
Given the recent freezing temperatures , we are only repairing frozen and burst sprinkler back flows and irrigation lines.
Please call out 24 hr line for emergency service.
Backflow Repair
Backflow testing and repair ensures that your backflow valve is working properly. Without proper backflow operation you can be exposing your lawn and your family to hazardous water.
What is backflow?
Backflow occurs when dirty water flows back into the water lines and contaminates clean water. To prevent this, a backflow prevention device is required. At Raleigh Irrigation Repair, our experts will come out and install backflow prevention devices and/or test current backflow valves.
How often should I be testing my valves?
Backflow valves must be tested annually to ensure they are operating correctly and not putting your water at risk. Annual inspections make sure your backflow valves are in compliance with local codes that require backflow regulation/testing.
How does backflow occur?
Backflow can occur for a few reasons. Most commonly it is due to a higher pressure in your water system than in its supply. However, it can also be a result of the pressure of the supply being lowered. This can occur if the public water supply loses pressure. Hence why most municipalities have codes in place that require backflow prevention devices on your property.
What if I experience backflow?
Not only can backflow contaminate your water but it can also contaminate the local water supply. Therefore, backflow repair is a matter that must be resolved immediately. For fast service call Raleigh Irrigation Repair at 919-722-9229. Our experts will come out to test for backflow and take necessary to correct the problem and prevent it from occurring in the future.