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Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your yard in the evenings and nights with professional landscape lighting. The experts at Raleigh Irrigation Repair will illuminate your yard creating safer walkways and a yard that can be enjoyed even when it’s dark.
Light Fixtures
We install light fixtures of the highest quality to ensure peak performance and durability. Not only are the fixtures high quality, the installation is as well. This means you can enjoy your newly lit yard without fear of having to replace anything. Should any unexpected issues arise, Raleigh Irrigation Repair is always a phone call away.
Having the correct transformer allows you to save money and operate your landscape lighting system efficiently. This is accomplished by utilizing a low voltage lighting system as well as a transformer that can drop the voltage supplied by your house, generally from 120 volts to 12 volts. As the most important aspect of a proper lighting system, it is important to have the best transformer professionally installed.
We utilize the latest technology in order to save time, money, and provide you with the perfect look for your yard. Typically, the most efficient form of lighting is LED. LEDs are perfect for homes that have small children or pets due to their durability and low surface temperature. Due to their average lifespan of 50,000 hours, you can relax and not have to deal with the struggle of regular maintenance.
Expert Planning
While the type of bulb is important, so is the intensity of the light and placement. Without proper planning your yard is not reaching its full potential, no matter what equipment is installed. Therefore, we strategically plan out a lighting strategy that will work best with your yard. This results in maximum light coverage, optimal power consumption, and aesthetic value.
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