Irrigation Winterization & Sprinkler Blowout in Raleigh, NC

Winter is coming & you need to take action to prevent expensive damage to your irrigation system. It must be prepared before the colder weather arrives. Raleigh Irrigation Repair offers a complete & reliable sprinkler blowout service in Raleigh, NC. Call us today for irrigation winterization!

Our fully trained technicians take steps to prepare your sprinkler system for winter.

  1. Shut down the water supply & protect from freezing temperatures
  2. Set controller to shut-down mode & ensure pump is not activated
  3. Drain system using our professional blow-out method, removing the risk of damage caused by freezing water
  4. Protect valves & backflow preventers if necessary

The sprinkler blowout is an especially important, but potentially dangerous step in the process. If water remains in the pipes, it can freeze, expand & break the pipe. Winterization minimizes the potential for damage & expensive repairs to your system. During the blowout process, special care must be taken as compressed air is used throughout the system to blowout the sprinklers. Due to the potential dangers involved with this process it is recommended that you call a professional irrigation company to carry out the winterization process for you. Raleigh Irrigation has been working with local customers for many years to winterize, blowout and protect their irrigation systems.

Contact Raleigh Irrigation today to schedule your irrigation winterization & sprinkler blowout service!